Our staff and students are active in astronomy outreach, and some examples follow.

The Conversation: Look up! Your guide to some of the best meteor showers for 2021

Jonti Horner discusses how although there’s a poor start for meteor showers in 2021, things get better with a possible spectacular surprise later in the year. Here’s your guide on when and where to look to catch nature’s fireworks.

The Conversation Curious Kids: how does the Sun make such pretty colours at sunsets and sunrises?

PhD students Jake Clark and Nataliea Lowson explain how it’s all to do with the light from the Sun and a blanket of air wrapped around Earth called the ‘atmosphere’.

Shared Skies Partnership

Build a Planet Workshop

Build-a-Planet Extravaganza is a one hour hands-on, immersive school incursion, bringing the wonders of the Solar System to your classroom. This 60 minute activity will get your students to dance through the Solar System, learning fun facts about our cosmic neighbourhood, and getting them build their very own alien worlds out of everyday materials. The best thing is, they keep and take home their newly built worlds! The workshops are designed for K-3 classes but can be tailored to older classrooms if needed.

Photo: Polystyrene Planets by David Menidrey on Unsplash

Please note: as a university research facility Mt Kent Observatory is not open to the public, but USQ Events and the School of Sciences includes astronomy in their outreach activities.