Mt Kent Observatory

USQ operates Mt Kent Observatory in Queensland, Australia. The site hosts telescopes for the Shared Skies Partnership with the University of Louisville, the MINERVA-Australis telescope array and spectrograph providing ground-based support for NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), the Australian node of the Stellar Observations Network Group (SONG) asteroseismology network, the Australian node of the DLR SMARTnet space debris tracking network, and the local node of the Global Fireball Observatory. Mt Kent Observatory has an asteroid named after it – discovered in 1993, asteroid ‘11927 Mount Kent’ appears among the ecliptic constellations.

Please note that as a university research facility Mt Kent Observatory is not open to the public, but USQ Events and the School of Sciences includes astronomy in their outreach activities.

Mt Kent live site view:

USQ world space week 2019 video:

Minerva Roos (wallabies) video: