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Senior Lecturer (Astrophysics) position


The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has a continuing full-time teaching and research position open for a Senior Lecturer (Astrophysics).

USQ is a multi-campus provider of distance and on-campus education and research training, and has a stellar astronomy and planetary systems research program supported by dedicated facilities at Mt Kent Observatory.

A position description and instructions on how to apply can be obtained from the Human Resources web page link at: (and click on “Employment opportunities”, then locate job ref 103099)

The appointment will be at Academic Level C with total remuneration in the range $131,753 to $151,431 pa (includes salary range of $111,328 to $127,955 pa, employer superannuation contributions of 17% of salary and annual leave loading)

The closing date for receipt of your application is 13 April 2018.

Relocation assistance will be provided in accordance with USQ policy and procedures.

Astrophysics Group website:


USQ astronomy podcast – exoplanet habitability – Jake Clark

(scroll down to get to the astronomy podcast)

Recorded in situe at the USQ Astronomy Festival 2017 with special guests Peter Miller, Sound Designer and Multimedia Artist, Jake Clark, PhD Candidate focusing on Exoplanet Habitability, and Amy Boulding, Head of Lifelong Learning at the Queensland Museum Network.

The most eccentric planet orbiting a giant star

Congratulations to Rob, Jonti, USQ PhD student Jake Clark, USQ adjuncts Stephen Kane, Jonty Marshall, Paul Butler, and the rest of the team on this paper.
Great to see the excellent and well deserved media attention it is getting.

Festival of Astronomy and Space Science – October 2017

Astronomers love conferences. You meet a lot of people, share a lot of ideas and, best of all, you get to talk a lot about the work you love. The problem is, there’s often a lot of travel involved to get to them. For some, that’s not an issue, but for others, it can be a bit of an obstacle. The solution? Hold your own Festival of Astronomy and Space Science right where you live.

This year the second Festival of Astronomy and Space Science was held at the University of Southern Queensland, with a fascinating line up of topics and guest speakers drawing a crowd of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Our first guest on the opening night of the festival, was one of the brightest young stars in Australian Astronomy, Dr. Tamara Davis from the University of Queensland.

Day 1 of the Festival of Astronomy & Space.
Guest speaker professor Tamara Davis, from the University of Queensland

Tamara shared with her audience her view of one of Astronomy’s latest controversial topics – Dark matter, by tackling the somewhat prickly question often asked by Cosmological Theory skeptics and fans alike – does Dark Matter really exist?

Dr. Davis took us on a brisk tour of the highlights of the increasing pile of data, that not only convinces many in the Astronomy community that Dark matter is really real but also lays a tantalising trail of breadcrumbs as to what Dark Matter could actually be made of.

So, Is Dark Matter Real?

“We don’t know the answer yet, “Professor Davis told her captivated audience, who were gathered around the Alison Dickson Lecture Theatre in Toowoomba like a galaxy of curious stars. “But there is enough reason to keep asking the question,” was her conclusion.

I, for one, am looking forward to helping to find out the answer, aren’t you?

Festival of Astronomy and Space – Planetarium talks

The following are links to audio recordings of Festival talks at the Planetarium.