Emma Miles

Emma Miles

Honours Student

Location: Yuggera Country, Springfield Campus

At the age of 15, I was introduced to the field of astronomy where I spent most weekends out in the field with my dad and a telescope, mesmerised by the evening skies. This was one of the highlights of my teenage years and inspired my pursuit for a future in astronomy. In 2016, I completed a Head Start course in Astronomy at the University of Southern Queensland during my final year of high school. This made the transition into university the following year a lot easier. In 2017, I entered the Bachelor of Science (Physical Science degree but then changed to the Bachelor of Science) Astronomical and Space Science degree when it was introduced at USQ in 2018.

I have recently graduated from this course (2021) and have now begun my journey into the Bachelor of Science (Honours) course. From here, I hope to enter the field of astronomical research, and to fulfil my curiosity about the great universe beyond.

So far, I have only completed one project, which was part of my undergraduate degree. This project was about Mars and its ability to sustain conditions that could support life now and in the past. This project was very small but was far from insignificant as it introduced me to the ins and outs of research in astronomy. I was also able to use the program, ROCKE-3D, which tested my patience but also helped develop my problem-solving skills.

As of now, I have started a new project in Honours, where I will be identifying Venus-like candidates to assist the search for Earth 2.0. This project is still in progress, but it does have a lot of potential to assist the current and future research of exoplanets and planetary systems. Regardless of the outcome, I know that there is a lot that I will learn from this project.

  • Solar System
  • Exoplanets