Des Janke

Des Janke

Honorary Technical Officer

Location: Toowoomba Campus

Retired IT professional and amateur astronomer for 50 years. Supports the USQ Centre for Astrophysics in public outreach and utilises USQ’s Unistellar eVscope to contribute citizen science observations for SETI.
In 2021 he was appointed President of the Astronomical Association of Queensland (AAQ) which supports amateur astronomy research through the Edward Corbould Research Fund. For example, an active research project in the Association is multi-year research to monitor and model selected chromospherically active, close eclipsing binaries.

Citizen science with the Unistellar Network on behalf of USQ. The Citizen Science projects involved are Near Earth Asteroids, Asteroid occultations, and Exoplanet transits. Conduct school astronomy outreach events aimed at inspiring student learning and interest in STEM.

  • Visual Observing
  • Public Outreach
  • Exoplanets
  • Asteroids