Dag Evensberget

Dag Evensberget

PhD Student

Location: Yuggera Country, Springfield Campus


Dag is a Ph.D. candidate at the Centre for Astrophysics. In his Ph.D., Dag is modelling the stellar winds of young, Solar-type stars. Understanding the winds of young stars will help us understand the history of our own Solar system as well as the likely conditions at planet orbiting other stars.

Before starting his Ph.D., Dag was employed as a scientific programmer working on projects for the European Space Agency. Dag has an M.Sc. degree in numerical mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and an M.Sc. in space studies from the International Space University (ISU). Dag has also been involved in running the ISU’s Summer Space Program.

Dag comes from Oslofjord, Norway, and once considered a career as a wooden boat builder. He has also lived in Germany, France and now Australia. As Brisbane is too hot for skiing, Dag now spends his spare time reading and surfing.

In his research, Dag is modelling and analysing stellar winds using numerical integration of the magnetohydrodynamic equations. Focusing on young, Solar type stars, Dag’s models will help understand the relationship between photospheric magnetic field strength and complexity and the large-scale stellar wind properties such as wind mass loss and angular momentum loss, which is the dominant mechanism that slows down stellar rotation over time. Dag also hopes to shed light on the relationship between stellar x-ray flux, wind, and coronal activity around the ‘wind dividing line’ when stars are about 600 million years old.

At USQ, Dag has also enjoyed teaching into various courses including stellar astronomy, solar and stellar astronomy, astronomical techniques, and astronomy 2. Dag is a fan of open source software and the software carpentries, and has taught into Python workshops both in person and online.

  • Stellar Wind Impact on Exoplanet Atmospheres
  • The Young Solar System
  • Stellar Wind Modelling

You can view Mr Evensberget’s publications here