Alexis Meitzmann (he/him)

Alexis Meitzmann (he/him)

PhD Student

Location: Yuggera Country, Springfield Campus



I am a PhD candidate for the Center for Astrophysics, working on exoplanets orbiting baby stars. Born in France, I spent most of my life in the beautiful Reunion Island. I’ve always been curious about space and science.

After a Bachelor’s in Phyisics and Engineering, I specialised in Astrophysics during my two years of Master’s at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. After that and because finding a PhD can be tough, I quit the field and moved to Australia to travel and discover new things. There I met the UniSQ people, and after a year, started an exciting PhD here at UniSQ.

My research focuses on weird planets orbiting weird stars. Hot Jupiters, these toasty Jupiter-like planets that revolve very close to their parent star, are quite mysterious as we still do not understand how they form and evolve! One key to this mystery is to find hot Jupiters that orbit very young star, as this would help us determine when they start to appear. These young stars are very wild and all the phenomena resulting from their wilderness (called stellar activity) is getting in our way when attempting to detect exoplanets orbiting them. My research revolves around setting up strategies to deal with this activity and unravel these mysterious worlds.

  • Exoplanets Detection & Characterisation
  • Stellar activity
  • Young stars

Mr Heitzmann’s publications can be viewed here